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This will serve as the documentation of my journey into 3d printing. I am using a Prusa i3 Mk2 printer with PLA filament.





I Converted a $25 Ikea coffee table into a Lightbox / Tracing Table. I 3d modeled industrial / Sci-fi looking structures to line the perimeter and support the heavy top sheet of glass. I cut down a thin sheet of glass and lined it with tracing paper for the bottom window.



The Battle Rifle and Wingman side by side.



For my Battle Rifle print, I hollowed out several areas of the model to use three different thicknesses of wooden dowel rods on the inside. The idea is to stack the printed parts around the rods to give the final print more durability, all while saving time and material on the print!



Top side of light-box table. Printed support structures around the inner perimeter will support the top sheet of glass. The bottom glass will glow through the cross sections on the inside of the structures. Next up is sanding and painting the top surface. Then everything will fall into place!




Bottom side of the light-box table. I printed a mount for the LED strip battery pack. Then I enclosed the bottom with some foam board lined with aluminum foil on the inside to better reflect the light upward.




Supports removed and pieces assembled.



Assembly parts to a B3 Wingman Pistol from Titanfall. (12 hr.)



I go from design, to print, to finish, moving left to right.


I am restricting materials to PLA until I can set up a workstation outside of my bedroom and attach Plexiglas to my printer enclosure. I’m doing my own take on a “lack enclosure” made out of lack side tables from Ikea. Atop my enclosure sits a filament container. The container’s lid is lined with window sealer strips in an attempt to create an airtight seal. The bottom of the container is lined with silica gel to absorb all moisture within the container. This ensures the filament stays dry and thus maintains a consistent diameter throughout the spool leading to better print quality.  The spool feeds out of the container through a coupling which holds a segment of bowden tubing that leads into the enclosure.



New matching handles for my work drawers. This helped me nail down real world scaling. Hello metric system!




Some of my first prints! (Planet Express ship, batarang, Ween show on Saint Patrick’s day commemorative pins, Judge Dredd Badge.



The kit awaiting assembly.


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